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Great Hope Preschool

It would help if kids came with an app that automatically downloaded everything you need to be a parent. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that way. 

To make learning at home a bit easier Great Hope Preschool will begin to publish a series of videos to assist parents with learning ideas at home. Our goal is to provide hands on strategies to help close the learning gap from school to home.

FOR THE LATEST VIDEO VISIT THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL:  http://www.youtube.com/c/GreatHopeWesleyChapel

Parent Involvement: What Skills Need to be Part of a Daily Routine?

Parent involvement in early literacy is directly connected to academic achievement. Children need parents to be their reading role models with daily practice in order to navigate successfully through beginning literacy skills. According to research, parents should focus on the words on the page while reading with their preK reader (Evans, Shaw, Bell, 2000).

Here are some strategies for beginning and seasoned readers' literacy success:


For more information on the activity in the video: 

http://www.floridaearlylearning.com/sites/www/Uploads/files/Oel%20Resources/Sample%20Lessons/Letter-SoundSortLessonPlan.pdfType your paragraph here.